Did you grow up believing in the man in the moon?

I remember being a little girl and staring up at the moon on Darby Road in Sebastopol in disbelief that there was a man in the moon. The days and nights were filled with many memories of exploring and experiencing nature while learning to craft with the various elements. I remember always admiring the moon’s beauty and her light amongst the dark. How could she shine so bright through all the darkness of the world?

These were common questions that swirled around in my head.. I always wanted a deeper explanation of the elements that remained on the surface level. I knew there was a story behind the moon and my detective side wanted to dive in and solve the inner mystery. This story didn’t align with something deep inside of me and I began to ask more questions.

The Rabbit in the moon was one that spoke to my soul and upbringing that tapped me back into my family roots. It brought me back and reminded me of the sweet memories filled of childhood. Traditions that had been passed down from generation to generation and honoring the cycles and the seasons while celebrating them with extended family members.

Making mochi in January is the promise of a new year and new beginning. We would make these delicious “little moon cakes” or what looked like full moons handcrafted with rice that was pounded and placed out methodically in design. Some graced with the presence of a warm bean paste and all ready to be enjoyed and shared with the family. Placing the small moon cakes and dipping them in to trays of shoyu and sugar it melted into your mouth on a cold January morning after being crafted and created by the family. Each member of the family knowing their role and place in the production line and making sure to sprinkle their magick in to add their essences.

Rituals and routines are something that is deeply engrained in my blood. My Grandfather would plant and fish by the moon and as I began my self healing journey, I made myself my own best science experiment. As I began to track and realign myself with the moon, the natural cycle and seasons of life, I found my way toward fluidity. I feel a flow to life that I have never felt before and I am building a strong relationship with. I ease into the spaces of my life that crafted these strong rituals and honor myself for my growth and evolution that I have made since I began to live a more intentional life that aligns with my soul journey. I continue to push myself to lean into the places that I have resistance and I am able to see the blessings and burdens that life has to offer as I slow down and listen more. For over a decade, I have invested in rebranding and rebuilding my business while learning to slow down and step off the wheel while taking inspired action when that little inner voice kicks in.

I began to plant my seeds in my garden at the new moon and at each phases, give gratitude for their presence, listen to what they need and honor each of their journey to the surface to bloom.

I know that strong roots are needed in order to thrive. Honor my need for a ton of photosynthesis and learning to rest and restore my plot, compost my dirt and where there are energy leaks to my vitality. To continue to move through this world with an activated throat chakra that is rooted in truth and filled with compassion, love and delivered with grace.

I bow to the teachers that have graced my path and parted their wisdom on me and my family. I thank you for our time together and I am grateful to be walking an enlighted path with a group of healers, guides, ascended masters and teachers. I no longer feel like I am walking this journey alone and know I am supported by a like minded community that are sharing their stories, crafting and creating their reality while assisting others to find their way home. I am open to new adventures and experiences that will lead to building a stronger more resilient community. A world that is based on values of being connected and honoring Mother Earth and her vessel, to continue to bringing in the elements and working with their properties to add alchemy to our lives and continue to learn to make magick with the tools that are placed in front of us. We have faith that each season happens for a reason and for that we give our ultimate blessings and thanks!

What story did you grow up believing in?

How did you connect with the moon?

My relationship like the moon has went through it phases and stages and it continuously reminds me to be full and when I need to go dark. I flow with grace and gratitude towards the seasons and phases of my life and know that is a part of my growth and evolutionary journey. We all are supported and guided if we open up to the universe. I am always reminded that the moon is a constant source of vitality and assists with connecting us with our emotions and growth. We must connect and process our emotions and experiences as we play the game of life. Otherwise this may result in not passing go and reaping the rewards of Jupiter. Saturn will step in and provide us with a task to master and Chiron will continually push us to grow and heal our inner childhood wound.

All religions have traditions on honoring and letting go. There is a strong need and pull these past few years in our society to create these rituals so we can move into our new world with ease and new ways of living that thrive.

How do you honor yourself, your emotions and let go when a season challenges you with a storm?

By crafting and creating these rituals and routines, we create consistency in our lives and process the human experience and game of life. We become the master creators of reality and hone in our skills and crafts while building strong relationships with our tools. We share our magick in each experience and know our energy, words and actions have a ripple effect in this world so we consciously move with love, grace and compassion towards ourselves and others.

There is a common understanding and appreciation for AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, because we know that there is no difference between any of us, we are all connected and we must strive to collaborate through sharing stories of vulnerability while building one another to fulfill the things that fear holds them from achieving.

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