About Me

Hi, I’m Emily Tomoye Carey! I offer intuitive readings and new & full moon ceremonies to guide you back to your own intuition so you can open and access your own gifts. 

The more that we learn to slow down to the world around us and be in the moment to experience the blessings and the burdens, we can stay in the flow with the universe to accept the gifts. We become align to the natural systems and rhythm that bring you back to your source. It becomes our daily inner work of less doing and more being in the heart and out of the head for you to find your source, alignment and guidance. It us a constant state of resetting and realigning to the rhythms that match up with your divine system.


We will honor your temples and go to the places where the shadows lie so that you can bring light and heal the past. To deep dive into the stories and unfold the past that is holding you back from finding your own true essence. It is recognizing your patterns and rhythms, creating boundaries, speaking truth to your story, and finding a new flow to align with the life that you want to live.

My Journey Home

I know this because I have went to the darkest place of my soul and continue to challenge myself everyday to do the next right thing for myself and my family for I know that has an impact not only on my community but also the world. The more I show up for myself, the more I have the ability and capacity to show up for others and shine the light when there are times of darkness or seasons.


I can vividly picture all the angels that stepped into my life and have assisted me on my way and I will forever hold a place in my heart for them since they brought light to my life when I was not able to see my own. When I wanted to put out my own flame and end the game of life.


We all must remember that the darkness or season always happens for a reason, we have to keep the faith and keep doing our inner work. Be open to the teachers and guides that come in our lives and show us the way or lead us to the work that we need to complete our journey home.

Born on Friday the 13th at 5:55 am, this witch is a whole lot of rebel/ warrior, magician/sovereign, lover/healer, and priestess/ witch that thrives on chatting about astrology, tarot, yoga, crafting and creating in various forms, biofield energy tuning, plant-based medicine, crystal-loving gypsy soul.

I love exploring and adventuring with my family and live each day grateful for this life we have created together. I love dark nights of the soul for I know the treasures and crystals are found in the dark and have lead to the biggest blessings in my life.

In darkness, I bloomed.

Some are born into their spiritual path while others will have to find their own way.

Trials, tribulations and trauma can lead most to find their spiritual path. On October 9, 2017 my family and our community woke up to the devastation of the Tubbs Fire and our lives changed forever.

It took me years to slow down and realize that I was supposed to awaken to my path. I know I wasn’t ready and didn’t have the right tools to be able to give life to our story properly yet. I had to experience cervical cancer before my wedding, a ganglion cyst in my right hand, 3 surgeries and PICC line antibiotics for 30 days, losing both my parents while becoming a new mom and trying to restore a family property before I almost lost myself. These events have given me the strength to grow a backbone and rise like a phoenix and evolve.

Through these life events and the Tubbs Fire, we learned to survive and thrive while we continued to work to rebuild ourselves and our home. It was something I never thought would become a chapter of our story, but it would teach us how to gain faith and bloom amongst adversity. The skills we have gained individually and as a family have taught us how to prove to ourselves….

 “They thought they could bury us… they didn’t know we were seeds.” -Mexican proverb

Together, Let's be Liberated to Dance Toward Change

I will work with you to guide you back to your intuition and share various modalities that continue to lead me back to mine and open and access my own gifts. It is recognizing trauma that could be holding us back and creating a community that will hold a scared space for healing. To align and sync with the moon so we can create rhythms and patterns that speak to our own authentic codes and essence.

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