Salvarae came into my life through Thrive Yoga Shala. I have known Bonnie for years through elementary and high school and it was synchronicity to meet again back in the yoga studio.  

Her products are out of this world and they continue to assist me in staying in my body to process all the emotions I am finally allowing myself to feel and address. The salve provided relief to my left shoulder that was giving me lots of insight and feedback in my yoga journey. The CBD drops have become a daily addition to my morning shakes and have helped me with my anxiety that I have experienced for years. The bath soak, massage oil and cacao are now are staple to my new and full moon rituals and regular self-care.

I have had the pleasure to continue to collaborate with Bonnie and support Salvarae by incorporating the art of modern healing in my life as well as others I meet along the way.

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