Carey Family


I offer astrology readings on your birth chart to understand who you are more deeply and tarot readings on specific focuses and your year ahead. 

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Learn about your sun, your moon, your ascendant, and your chart ruler, (the planet that rules your ascendant). Includes print out.

$150.00 per reading

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Tarot Card Readings

I offer tarot card readings using the decks created by Kim Krans: The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Wild Unknown Archetypes, and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit decks. You pick which set speaks to your soul and we will journey together. 

1 Question Reading

1 hour reading with a special focus on a topic or question of interest to you. Includes print out.

$150.00 per reading

Year Ahead Reading

Yearly reading that gives an overview of your year ahead. You will learn to reflect with a card each month. Includes print out. 

$300.00 per reading